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Dulcimer Medical Center

Where harmony enhances health.

News Corner

  • Dulcimer offers a wide variety of supplements and DoTerra Essential Oils for all ages available for purchase at the front desk.
  • Feeling run down? Ask your provider about a Myers IV!
  • No matter what Season we are in, remember to ALWAYS wash your hands! This is the first step in keeping you and those around you health.
The Dulcimer Difference.

The name Dulcimer Medical Center was inspired by the musical instrument of the same name. In skillful hands the hammered dulcimer produces beautiful music with sweet melodies and pleasing harmonies. The name comes from the root words 'dulce' meaning 'sweet' and 'melos' meaning 'song.'

According to Webster's Dictionary, harmony means:

  • a fitting together well, or agreement
  • a combination of parts into an orderly whole
  • agreement in feeling, action, ideas and interests
  • peace and friendship

At Dulcimer Medical Center we believe that harmony enhances health.

As one of our core values, harmony is the inspiration for how the center is designed to operate and plays a part in everything we do.


Harmony between the physician and the patient.

As Family Physicians, we feel it is a privilege to be invited into patients lives as the closest of confidantes. A privilege that we do not take lightly. Patients want and deserve a provider who is competent, compassionate, respectful, truthful, thorough and who truly listens to them. We come alongside our patients in a partnership where care is based on a continuous healing relationship. Ultimately, patients are in control of their health, and care is customized to each patient's individual needs and values.


Harmony between the patient and the therapy prescribed.

We strive to understand our patients well enough to avoid causing adverse and unintended effects of treatments. Hippocrates, who is acknowledged as the father of modern medicine, wrote the Hippocratic Oath, which embodies the idea of not causing injury through any treatment. It was probably the Roman physician Galen who said "primum non nocere", or translated from the Greek "First do no harm." As physicians, we always want to do what is best for our patients. We will utilize advanced information systems to improve the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of patients and to minimize adverse drug interactions and side effects.


Harmony in treatment options and locations.

As an independent clinic we have additional freedom in the area of referrals which allows us to take advantage of a broader array of complementary and alternative therapy when it is in the best interest of patients.


Harmony in internal health.

Health is not simply the absence of disease. Harmony means to bring into balance the whole self. Health and disease involve the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Wellness depends in part on the context of patients lives as members of their family and community. At Dulcimer, not only do we tend to the physical aspects of health as you would expect, but we also give consideration to the non–physical health contributors as well — emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Emotional imbalance is a frequent cause of physical symptoms that impact a person's overall health. Emotions such as anxiety and depression can cause a wide range of physical symptoms including chest pains and migraine headaches. It can also trigger asthma or diarrhea, cause sleep disturbance and much more.

Mental issues such as Alzheimer's disease or learning disorders play a part in overall health and wellness as well. We work to limit or prevent their effects where possible.

Faith is an integral part of a patient's lifestyle and lifestyle is an integral part of one's overall health and wellness. Unlike most medical facilities, we hold to Christian values and acknowledge the existence of spiritual issues and their impact on health. If a patient requests prayer we will gladly oblige as an additional facet of care.


Harmony among the staff.

At Dulcimer, we maintain a healthy working environment based on openness and trust where staff members can reach their full potential and where the primary goal of quality patient care is universally shared. The apostle Paul sums it up well in Romans 12:16. He wrote, "Live in harmony with one another."